Enrollment of current and new students usually occurs in January and February of the previous school year or any time an opening exists.

Children are accepted according to the following priorities:

  • Students currently enrolled have first priority for successive enrollment until such time enrollment is open to new and returning families. At that time current, new, and returning family applications will be numbered based on date received. Enrollment forms for current students are numbered as they are returned to the office during the enrollment process for the following year. Children are accepted in numerical order.
  • Siblings of current students have second enrollment priority.
  • Siblings of former students have third enrollment priority.
  • Newly registered students have the next priority, based upon their date and time of registration.

Children are admitted to the program when openings occur in the following order:

  • Students currently attending the school who wish to change their attendance hours have the first priority.
  • Children registered for enrollment and currently holding a position on the waiting list have second priority.