Our Philosophy

Montessori Children’s House is dedicated to providing a high-quality, private education based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, instilling a desire for life-long learning and developing respectful, responsible and self-reliant individuals.

To accomplish our goal, Montessori Children’s House seeks to meet the social, intellectual, and emotional needs of each child by providing an individualized, child-directed, hands-on learning experience.

We are committed to providing a prepared classroom environment designed to meet the needs of the 18-month through seven-year-old child, fostering a desire to learn and where learning becomes its own reward.

We believe the principle of freedom within limits guides independent learning. We expect each person in our Montessori community to accept that freedom with due responsibility and respect. We value the contributions of our students, teachers, administrators, parents, and board of directors.

Together, we will continue to provide a high quality, safe, nurturing Montessori environment.